Benefits In Membership

Two Locations To Serve You Better!

San Luis Obispo : (805) 543-7330
Atascadero : (805) 460-9670

Benefits Of Membership 

With over 600 contractors, subcontractors and supplier members — and more added each day — the San Luis Obispo County Builders Exchange is THE voice for the construction industry in San Luis Obispo County. 

What Do I Get As A Member?
  • Weekly Job Bulletin
The Exchange Bulletin is updated daily online, mailed or e-mailed to you each week. It contains a complete list of plans available in the plan rooms, Plan Holders Lists, Bidders Lists, Building Permits (Applied For and Issued), Notices of Completion, Mechanics' Liens and Mechanics' Lien Releases as recorded in San Luis Obispo County Recorders Office, as well as other pertinent construction news and legislation.
  • Online Plan Room Access 24-7
  • 2 Plan Rooms
The Exchange maintains two offices in San Luis Obispo County where plans and specifications are on file. Plans may be checked out overnight or viewed and downloaded from On-Line Plan Room.
  • Construction Forms
  • Educational Programs
Our Exchange regularly schedules seminars on current construction industry topics vital to you.
  • SLO City and County Legislative Advocate
  • Membership Mixers
As a participating member, the Exchange is YOUR personal and professional "CLUB". You can make valuable personal and business contacts with like-minded individuals of the construction industry.
  • Membership Roster
All current members are listed and can be searched for on our website by any number of criteria. The roster is distributed to city and county offices, developers, designers, engineers, financial institutions and architects throughout San Luis Obispo County and the Central Coast.
  • WI-FI 
The San Luis Obispo and Atascadero offices have free WI-FI for our members.
  • Engineer size copiers in each office to print or copy your plan pages.  
  • Builders Exchange Political Action Committee (BEPAC)
SLOCBE's political action committee helps members to become aware of the records and view points of candidates for elective office and political appointments. BEPAC funds are raised and distributed to local candidates who are sympathetic to building industry concerns.                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Student Scholarships
An annual Builders Exchange-sponsored golf tournament raises money for scholarships that are given each year to local students in building industry related fields.
  • And much more!

Three Ways To Join!
Sign Up Online!
Download an application and mail it to us!
Sign Up over the phone!
Please fill out the form completely. 
Items marked with '*' are required fields. For items that do not apply, type 'NA'. Keep in mind that these fields are searchable by other users, so it is a good idea to be as thorough as possible so that others may have an easier time finding you in a search.

After completing the form, send in a check for the appropriate fee, or if you prefer you will have the option to pay on-line or by phone.
Applications will not be fully processed until all fees have been paid. At that time you will have access to the Online Planroom.  

Mail your completed application and payment to:
SLO County Builders Exchange
153 Cross Street #130
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

For questions call (805) 543-7330 or email 
You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and print out our application. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed, you can download it for free by clicking "Here"

Fees and Plans
  • REGULAR/AFFILIATE – Must be a licensed contractor holding a valid State of California Contractors License. Annual dues: $320, Semi Annual dues: $160 plus an additional $50 initial set-up fee. There is an optional $125 annual charge to access the On-Line Plan Room.
  • ASSOCIATE – Persons or entities engaged in supplying a product or service(s) to the construction industry, but not regulated by the Contractors State License Board. Annual Dues: $320 plus an additional $50 initial set-up fee; Semi-Annual dues: $160 plus an additional $50 initial set-up fee. There is an optional $125 annual charge to access the On-Line Plan Room. 
  • PROFESSIONAL – Limited to a licensed individual, partnership or corporation engaged exclusively in architecture, engineering or building design. Professional members may not be a licensed contractor. Professional members may not check out plans. Annual dues: $150 plus a $50 initial set-up fee. Bulletin is sent by e-mail only, no On-Line Plan Room access.  Online Plan Room Subscription - access to plans 24-7 - $125 per year (with paid membership). 
Join Now!
The Exchange’s Board of Directors reserves the right to increase dues from time to time to offset rising costs.

AD Rates
As a member, you can advertise in our SLOCBE weekly newsletter!
Fliers are $35.00 a week. To advertise in the Bulletin
* Banner ads are available on our Web page.
Website Banner Advertising
* We have a free ‘Banner Ad’ opportunity for our current advertisers. The ads are on our home page
For more information, or additional opportunities, please call our office at (805) 543-7330 or email 

The Exchange's Board of Directors reserve the right to increase dues and/or fees from time to time to offset rising costs.
If accepted for membership, applicant becomes subject to the Articles of Incorporation and by-laws of this Exchange and hereby agrees to hold harmless any and all Board of Director members or officers monetary or litigation wise, when said directors are transacting the business of the Exchange. 

* All banner ads are subject to terms and conditions. Banner ads may be subject to fees
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